Henry Parkes Foundation supports Magpie Pictures bid to produce Henry Parkes mini series.

The Henry Parkes Foundation was set up in honour of Sir Henry Parkes at the instigation of his descendants, to carry forward his egalitarian vision for Australia in ways relevant to today. The patron is Her Excellency, Professor M. R. Bashir AC, Governor of NSW.

In a letter of support to Magpie Pictures, Henry Parkes Foundation Chairperson Ian Thom, writes:

Sir Henry was a man of ideas and ideals. His vision was “to build a just, fair and egalitarian society through a democratically elected government with everyone educated and aware of their right and responsibilities and with equal opportunities to participate.”

As well as being five times Premier of NSW and “Father of Federation” his significant legacy includes establishing our public education system….and setting the foundations for our current system of government. 

The personal story of Sir Henry Parkes is dramatic and inspiring.  His extraordinary life is documented in his own pen through a collection of letters to and from his family members, including a large volume from his oldest daughter Menie.... There is a wealth of material to bring the life and character of Sir Henry Parkes to the screen.

The Henry Parkes Foundation is excited by Mapgie Pictures' proposal to bring the story of Sir Henry Parkes to broad audiences as a television drama… and looks forward to collaborating with the Producers to inform the development of this important miniseries.

December 2013